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GlorTex is an investment banking company in the healthcare space focusing on home health, hospice, and group homes. We target two main components of Investment Banking:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions. We put buyers and sellers together and have a strong network of buyers.
  • Growth Capital. We understand that most businesses can’t grow within their own cash flow or when they can, their growth is very slow. We help business owners accelerate that growth through cash infusion.

How We Do It

We help business owners find buyers and maximize their investment if they are interested in an exit strategy. We help business owners who might not be ready to exit their business understand their options and the value of their companies. We also find capital for businesses who are ready to grow, but for whom commercial banking is not their best option. We walk our clients through the entire process: finding the best partner, building the understanding of how valuations work, and defining options for a successful sale.

We have expertise in the home health sector and working relationships with VC firms, banks, private equity groups and individual investors who are looking to invest in a business just like yours.

  • What's In Our Name?

    Glortex is the combination of Rob Rickard’s parents: Gloria and Tex Rickard. They represent all that is great about the industry we serve: home health, hospice, and group homes. The people working in this industry care about serving others, which Gloria and Tex exemplify.

Polly Rickard

Polly Rickard graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Finance. She and her husband, Rob Rickard, met at the University of Texas and have been married for over 30 years. They have five children ages 16 to 25. Polly has been a partner in multiple businesses ranging from buying sub-grade paper to real estate development. Polly’s passion and role in business and in the community is that of being a connector for collaboration. Polly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking long walks, reading, cooking and snow skiing.

Rob Rickard

Rob Rickard is Managing Partner for GlorTex, Inc. Rob has participated as a principal or an advisor on over 100 transactions, buying, selling and financing. These closings have crossed or involved multiple industries: finance, real estate, computer database, service, and health care. With Rob’s experience and creative mind, he is often able to find innovative solutions to the hurdles that arise in closing these opportunities. Rob has been married to Polly for 30 years. They have four daughters and one son, Piper, Robert, Perry, Peyton, and Pace. Rob enjoys being with his family, playing golf, and watching his kids chase their dreams. He's taught Sunday School and been a member of Austin Ridge Bible Church for 30 years.


Christopher Carrier

Christopher started his career with IBM, which in 8 years gave him positions in marketing, marketing management, product management, and leasing and financing. He then pursued his dream of starting his own company in the computer brokerage and leasing business. The business has been successful for over 30 years. Having owned and run his own business, Christopher wanted to help other business owners manage the exit strategy for their companies. While at GlorTex, he has had great success closing transactions from $300,000 to $50M. He's found the "art" of successfully closing healthcare transactions is very similar to the one honed in all his years in the computer industry. 


Christopher has been married for over 31 years and has two adult children and two granddaughters. He loves his church and bible studies.  

Tim Durham

Tim Durham received his bachelor's degree from the University of Texas in communications and marketing. Tim spent 35 years in the semiconductor industry in sales and operations management. He founded, managed, and sold multiple semiconductor equipment and service businesses in California and Texas. He's also been the operational partner in multiple real estate development projects. Tim enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing and he's been the President of Austin Country Club. He started and taught many Bible studies along with being an elder and 37 year member of Austin Ridge Bible Church. Tim is married to Mary and they have two grown children and five grandkids.   

Greg Smith

Born and raised in the Tampa area, Greg is a true Floridian. Having garnered experiences from a variety of businesses and industries, Greg is equipped with a unique perspective and ability to understand many platforms. His diverse professional background ranges from the financial industry to manufacturing. The one common thread to his successes is bringing people together by creating an environment of collaboration, problem solving, and generating results that benefit all parties. He will listen to your needs and requirements to find the perfect solution tailored for you. There is no greater test to this skill set than maneuvering the relationship he has with his three children and six grandchildren.

Ben Peays PHD

Ben began his career in the financial world working at a hedge fund and in wealth management. He has spent the last 16 years building two non-profits and two businesses. Ben has two doctorates and two masters degrees and has been published in various books and journals.  He is a native of Austin, Texas and he and his wife enjoy raising their four kids in his childhood home. 

Kiana Kasaei

Kiana is an artist at heart, an engineer by training, and a driven businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is a graduate of the Ryerson University Biomedical Engineering program as well as Schulich School of Business at York University. Over the years, she has used her skills and creativity toward enhancing companies in different aspects of business.  Kiana is very outgoing and social and loves building long-lasting relationships. In addition, she's very analytical and enjoys solving and overcoming complicated challenges. Kiana enjoys discovering new places and loves spending time with her family, friends, and her Pomeranian, Leo.

Often business owners come to us because of our expertise, and care and trust we have built in our space. We don’t just make deals. We care for our clients and want them to succeed, whatever success looks like at any given point. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of our clients are saying:

Rob Rickard and his team approach helped us find the exact right buyer for our home health company, InCare. Rob understands that selling a business is personal and every deal has its own set of complications. Rob helped us navigate through some complex issues dealing with a non-profit and its board, including negotiating the initial LOI with both a cash plus an earn out component, helping us navigate through the due diligence, recommending a fabulous M&A attorney, and finally advising through the final close. Rob’s knowledge and calming influence helped get our company sold and closed.

Rob Rickard was our advisor in the sale of BMR. He helped bring multiple buyers for us to evaluate. Our decision criteria was more than just price. He added significant value as he advised us throughout the process. In the end, we had a successful exit.

Selling our agency was a huge decision.  Glortex found the perfect buyer for our company.  Christopher stayed in touch with us constantly and guided us through each step of the process.  We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!

Something else you should know:

We don’t get paid until a deal is complete. A large portion of our closings are buy side deals, which means the buyer pays our fees. If you don’t cross the finish line, we don’t either.